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Most of the apps out there are pretty basic. They do a good job for what they are, but there is often nothing exceptional about them.
At Plus Alpha we write quality apps, but we’re really passionate about adding that something special that makes them outstanding. That something special that, when you see it, makes you nod your head to yourself, crack a wry smile, and say, "niiice".

How Does That Work?

When we created our to-do app, we took away the list...

People said we were crazy, but now you can see what needs doing in an instant, instead of scrolling through the same list day after day.

When we developed a Bible search app for we added a thesaurus...

It’s still blisteringly fast, but now you can find verses even if you don’t quite remember them properly.

And our Japanese reader app has hundreds of interesting articles, but it also knows which kanji you can already read...

So it only shows you furigana for the kanji you don’t know, and you start thinking in Japanese, and learning new kanji, without even really trying.

Our Japanese dictionary app understands Japanese grammar...

Created especially for frustrated beginners, so now you don’t have to work out the root for a word that you dont even know, just to be able to look up the word!

We made a Flash Card app that lets you create and edit your own cards. We added images, audio and even video.

So now you can make cards with exactly what you need on them, and drill them either front & back, or multi-choice.

And Now?

Why should you have to do things the app can work out for you?
That’s so old school. (And annoying).
Expect more from your apps.
Expect "plus alpha".



Bit Secret


Due to US government restrictions covering the advanced cryptography used in this app it has been restricted from sale.

Bit Secret uses state of the art encryption so that no matter who intercepts your message they won’t be able to read it.


So you can send it however you want. SMS, email, print and scan it, you can train a pigeon to deliver it, you can even publish it in a magazine as a QR Code - and only the contact you sent it to will be able to read it.


Better than that, they will know with certainty that the message not only came from you, but that it was encrypted exclusively for them. Nobody can fake one. Nobody can tamper with or modify it along the way. They can be certain that the message they just received was exactly what you sent.


So whether you’re a couple of high school friends who just want to be able to talk privately about whatever it is you talk privately about. If you’re working in a closed country and you don’t want that government snooping on your emails. Whether you just want some privacy, or your safety depends on it. You can be confident that if your contact still has control of their device, then only they could have sent the message, and only you can read it.


Whether your safety depends on it, or you just want some privacy. Bit Secret messages are so secure it really doesn’t matter who intercepts them, only you and your contact will be able to read them.


Smart Kanji Reader


Some websites have furigana on the kanji, so at least you can read it, and look up the occasional word here and there to find the meaning. But the big problem with furigana is that it steals the focus of your eye, and it’s almost impossible to ignore it and read the kanji that you do know.

And, while it’s great to know the old Japanese folk tales like “Momo Taro”, and “The Monkey and the Crab” - stories that Japanese people grow up with - what you need now is articles about things you’re actually interested in. Like the space station, politics, earthquakes, tsunamis, daily life in Japan. Stories that are interesting and will make you want to read them over and over until you’re fluent.

You need Smart Kanji Reader. It has literally hundreds of interesting articles written for your level. And every kanji in every article has furigana. But if you tell the app that you know the reading for a particular kanji, then it will remove the furigana and let you practise reading at your exact level.

If you forget the reading, just hold the screen with two fingers for a second or so and peek at the furigana. 

You can also have male or female “Siri” voices read them to you to force you to follow along at speed to improve your ability.

The idea behind this app is not just to improve your kanji knowledge, but to train your mind to think in Japanese. Most of the articles have a Japanese-Japanese dictionary for words which might be unfamiliar. But it’s important at your level now to start learning new words without using English. To train your mind to stop translating into English as you read Japanese.

So whether you’re a foreigner at intermediate level and wanting to one day become outstanding. Or you’re a Japanese upper-elementary or middle schooler who just wants to practise your Japanese reading with interesting articles. This is the app you need.


Read interesting things. Learn the kanji. Think in Japanese.


Visual To-Do


Redefining the way people manage lists of things to do by getting rid of the list.

Over breakfast you check your phone to read the (silent) 6am alert that you have two tasks due today. Slide it across to unlock the phone and open the app to see your circle of things to do. “Work” and “Birthdays” are both red, (something is due). You tap to zoom in on “Work” and see that the meeting to discuss your raise is today at 11am. (You’ll get an audible reminder at 10:30, even if the app is no longer running). You also notice that your report to management has turned orange... it’s due in two more days.

Zoom back out and check “Birthdays”... It’s your cousin’s birthday, so you shoot off a quick “Happy Birthday” SMS to your cousin and mark the task as finished. It will automatically recur again next year. Done.

From the top level you can already see that all your bills are under control because the whole group is green, so nothing due for at least two weeks. No need to even check inside.

Relax. Enjoy the coffee. Your to-do list is managed.


Redefine the way you manage lists of things to do, and finally start actually getting things done.


Simple Flash Card Maker


Don’t like our flash cards? Then make your own.

Make your own flash cards using text, images, sound or video. Make them on your iOS device, or import them from your Mac or PC.


Ignore cards you know well, or drill yourself on the whole deck or 10 at a time. You can even rotate your device to see just the card full screen.

Drills can be regular “Front and Back” style or “Multichoice” with 4 possible answers. Either way, if you get the card right it’s removed from the drill, (not the deck). If you get it wrong it’s shuffled back in and will keep coming up until you do get it right.


You always have your phone with you, so take advantage of those moments throughout the day to do a quick review of your deck. Feel good as you realise you’re actually remembering this stuff!


Regular review is the key to memorising anything - now you can do it anywhere, anytime.


Japanese Dictionary + Grammar


A Japanese English dictionary which understands Japanese grammar so you don’t have to.


Based on the 220,000 word EDICT dictionary from Monash University.


With most dictionaries you need to know the root word to look it up. But one of the most frustrating things when you are a beginner is that you don’t know enough grammar to work out what the root word is.


Japanese Dictionary with Grammar takes care of all that for you. It understands the grammar so you just enter the word as is and it finds the root word for you and looks it up. fast.


Search for たべられる (taberareru) in most dictionaries and you won’t find anything. Search for it using Beginners Japanese Dictionary with Grammar and it will tell you that this is the “Able to Do” form of たべる (taberu), “(v1,vt) to eat”.

Go further and search for たべられない (taberarenai) and find it is the “Regular Negative of the Able to Do” form of たべる (taberu). Or go even one step further and search for たべられなかった (taberarenakatta) and find this is the “Past tense of the Regular Negative of the Able to Do form” of たべる (taberu).


The grammar engine also understands adjectives, so it knows that おいしくなかった (oishikunakatta) is the past tense of the negative of おいしい (oishii), “(adj-i) delicious”.


And it’s also smart enough to look for katakana if you put in hiragana by mistake (or the other way around). So even though you searched for べっど (beddo) it finds ベッド (beddo), “(n) bed”.

And no need to change keyboards all the time, you can search in romaji or kana and it will match the right words anyway.

Or search for the English and find the matching Japanese words.

Also available for Mac.


Finally learning Japanese just got a whole lot less painful.


More Than Music


More than Music is the media player written specifically for language students.

It gives you more control over the playback of audio, video and images (slideshows).


You still copy your audio and video to your phone using iTunes, just like you always did.

But now you can playback your audio and video slower for easier comprehension, or faster to push yourself a bit.

Or you can backup and replay the last 10 seconds again with a simple swipe of your thumb.


Make playlists of videos as well as audio, and play them in order or shuffled whenever you want.


Playback can be controlled by buttons or a few simple gestures so you can do it all one handed while you take notes with the other.


Not all audio is music, and not all video is movies. Take control of your media player, and play it your way.


Get Moving


Get Moving is the fitness app for the rest of us. It’s not about getting fit and timing how fast you are. It’s simply about getting off your chair and walking around.


Medical evidence seems to imply that sitting still for hours at a time is really bad for your health. Get Moving will let you know when you’ve been sitting still for more than an hour.

If you get up and walk around for a few minutes it will start counting again. And you should feel much better about yourself.


Of course you can turn it off at night so it won’t keep you awake. But during the day we really recommend responding every time it reminds you to move around. Get up and walk around until the reminder goes away.


Feel good when you look at the chart of your activity for the last hour or for the last day, and you see that you haven’t been just sitting all day like you used to.


Get the app. Get moving. Feel good.


Kanji Writer


Writing Kanji is an important skill. It also helps solidify the kanji in your memory.

Kanji Writer is a tolerant tester to allow you to rapidly review your kanji knowledge.

Kanji Writer helps beginners practice the writing of the first 440 kanji learned in Japanese schools.

Stroke order is important, but Kanji Writer usually only requires you to get the kanji “pretty much right”.

It’s not about meticulous detail, it’s about learning which kanji is which. Allowing you to move through the practise session quickly and fluently.


Regular practise and review is the only way to build your kanji knowledge.


Not Just Words


More than 20,000 downloads from the Apple Store.

It’s so frustrating when you think you remember a verse, but you have one or two words which are not quite right, and so you just can’t find it. Perhaps you learned it in a different version. Perhaps you only vaguely remember it at all. Either way, if you don’t know the right words to look for then you won’t be able to find the verse.


But Not Just Words is smarter than your average Bible Search app.

As well as being able to search for combinations of words it also automatically searches for other forms of your search words. So when you search for “pray”, it also looks for “prays”, “praying”, “prayer”, “prayers”, “prayed”...

And then it uses a thesaurus. So search for “speak” and it also find verses with “talk”, “uttered”, etc...

You can also search for references like “rom 1:4” or “Gen 1:1;Ex 12:1”, or you can combine these with other searches to restrict them. For example you can search for “pray in Romans” to find the references to prayer in the book of Romans. Or “forgive in NT” to find the new testament references to forgiveness.


This app includes the ability to search:

 Young’s Literal Translation

 King James Version

 World English Bible

 American Standard Version

 Little Watchman Translation (New Testament Only)

 Darby’s Bible  

New International Version 1984

Also available for Mac.


Find the verse you’re looking for and make the most of every opportunity.


Numbers to Think About


Numbers to Think About is a free social awareness app which we have written to help our minds grasp hold of some of the huge numbers which are affecting life on our planet.


For example, we can hear that the birth rate is more than 200 births per minute across the planet... But what does that mean? How big is that?


Numbers to Think About keeps a running tally of your chosen statistic and displays the current total for you. You will most likely be staggered at the rate of some of these events.


You can also choose a region or country (by tapping the map) and see how the statistic applies to that region. For example, it is quite amazing to see how many more people are added in Europe compared to Asia.


And these are important events which affect our lives. Almost 150 more people are born every minute than die. Where are they going to live? What are they going to eat? What does it mean to you? What should it mean to you? What should you be doing about it?


To challenge your thinking the app will display some questions to ask yourself for each statistic.


Hopefully it will at least give you something to think about.




Making geometric patterns on paper by pushing a pen through a hole in a plastic disc and rotating it inside another plastic disc can be a hours of fun. But what if the discs didn’t have to be round? What if they could be square?


What if they could be heart shaped? 

What if the pen could change colour as you draw?

What if it could even change size as you draw?

What if you could make a paintbrush that used tiny random versions of these patterns as it’s paint!


You can!


Spiroids can be drawn inside circles, ellipses, rectangles, triangles and even inside heart shapes.

The pen can be a pencil just a single pixel wide, or it can be a brush 20 times wider.

And it can even change colors as you draw.


In Gyroid mode you can paint with a brush that draws small spiroids as you paint.

They’re beautiful. And you can print them, save them, and share them. (So you can impress your friends).


Round discs with pen and paper is old school. Go new school with Spiroids and have even more fun.


1000+ Japanese Flash Cards


50,000 downloads from the Apple Store.

This app is for beginners of Japanese to learn Hiragana, Katakana and almost 1000 words of really useful basic vocabulary.


Get a card right and it will be taken out of the drill. Get it wrong and it will be shuffled back in until you do get it right.


The key to learning kana and building vocabulary is regular review.

Every moment that you have a chance, take out your phone and do a practise drill.


Practise every day and watch your vocabulary grow.


1000+ Kanji Flash Cards


More than 60,000 downloads from the Apple Store.

This is an app for beginners of Japanese to learn the first 440 Kanji. There are flash cards for the basic English meaning, the On and Kun Japanese readings, plus flash cards for about 1500 common words which use only these kanji.


Get a card right and it will be taken out of the drill. Get it wrong and it will be shuffled back in until you do get it right.


The key to learning kanji is regular review.

Every moment that you have a chance, take out your phone and do a practise drill.


Practise every day and watch your kanji grow.


Smart Kanji Browser


NHK Easy News, Nippon Talk, and Matcha are a fantastic resources for Japanese middle school students and for foreigners who are studying Japanese. The articles are interesting, updated regularly, and the Japanese is aimed at students of intermediate level.

All the kanji in every article has furigana. Which is good if you don’t know how to read that kanji, but really distracting if you do. When you’re learning new kanji you need to push yourself and only see that furigana if you really can’t remember.

Smart Kanji Browser adds Plus Alpha’s Smart Kanji technology to a web browser allowing you to turn furigana on and off for individual kanji as you learn them for any website which has furigana.

Couple that with relevant and interesting articles. And on NHK add a native speaker at intermediate level so you can read along and practise until you’re perfect.

Throw in their Japanese-Japanese dictionary for words you might not know, and you’ll not only improve your kanji reading, but you’ll improve your ability to think in Japanese as well.


Read interesting things. Learn the kanji. Think in Japanese.


Japanese Dictionary + Grammar


Japanese Dictionary with Grammar takes the pain out of looking up words in a language you’re still just learning.

With most dictionaries you need to know the root word before you can find the word you’re looking for. Which is great if you’ve been studying for 10 years already. But the gotcha when you are a beginner is that you don’t know enough grammar to work out what the root word is. So you can’t look anything up!

Japanese Dictionary with Grammar has a built in reversing grammar engine. It takes care of all that for you. It understands Japanese grammar rules so you only need to enter the word as is - and the dictionary works out the root word for you and then looks it up. Fast.

It also has “Deep Search” to look for other similar spellings for your search and it lists them as alternate suggestions. For those times when you mis-heard or even mis-remember the exact spelling of a word.

Also available for iOS.


Finally. Using a Japanese dictionary just got a whole lot less painful.


Not Just Words


The Mac version of the free iOS Bible search program we developed for Little Watchman.

It’s so frustrating when you think you remember a verse, but you have one or two words which are not quite right, and so you just can’t find it. Perhaps you learned it in a different version. Perhaps you only vaguely remember it at all. Either way, if you don’t know the right words to look for then you won’t be able to find the verse.

That’s why Not Just Words uses a thesaurus to search for combinations of alternate words to find the verse you’re looking for in a fraction of a second.


Not Just Words is now available on your Mac. It’s still free. Find the verse you’re looking for and make the most of every opportunity.


Disk Space Finder


Your disk is full and the operating system expects YOU to know where it all went!

Disk Space Finder will quickly analyse your disk, (or a selected part of it), and show you just the folders which are consuming all your free disk space.


Find out where your disk space went, fast. And then get on with what you were doing.




When it comes to transferring sensitive data between your app and your server, like credit card or transaction details, or personal identity information, then standard TLS just doesn’t cut it. And you can’t afford the reputational damage that would be caused if that data was compromised.

GoSecure is a combination of plug in framework/module for your iOS/Android app which communicates with our hosted microservices to securely authenticate and transfer data in either direction in a way which guarantees that the data came from the user’s device, or from your server, that it hasn’t been altered or tampered with along the way, and that it cannot be read on any other device anywhere in the world.

GoSecure APIs are simple and easy to use for your developers, but sophisticated and secure enough that it really won’t matter if anyone does manage to intercept the messages along the way, they won’t be able to read it, and they won’t be able to successfully tamper with it.

Your developers don’t need to understand cryptography and secure transmission at all. For them, “it just works”.


When TLS (https) just isn’t enough. You need to GoSecure.


No Cross Browser


So many web sites pass on information about your visit to other sites. Usually by loading an advertisement or a “pixel”. Those other sites can record where you’ve been and use that to gather information about you.

If you think that where you browse is your own business, and it should kept between you and the site that you’re actually visiting... then take control. With No Cross Browser, you choose which other sites are told about your visit. 

By default we assume it’s just between the two of you. But we show you the list and you simply check/uncheck each box to control it. 


It should be up to you who else a web site tells that you visited. Take control.




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